7ACRES Sensi Star Rosin

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 65-80%
7ACRES Sensi Star Flower Rosin is a high THC solventless concentrate celebrated for its pungent gassy lemon and pepper aroma, beautiful golden colouration and robust terpene rich flavour. Hand crafted in house at 7ACRES, using only pressure, heat and high-end Sensi Star flower.
Sensi Star

Great Product! Price is a major issue but..

By TheMage from South Branch Kings Co, NB on January 29, 2021

Have tried this product 4 times in recent months...love it to bits,tastes great and hits smooth and pleasant. Clean meds like this make all the difference.. the price however is painful.. very painful.

Decent quality but high price

By DrGreenthumb from Saint-Andre-Leblanc, NB on November 24, 2020

Got a gram of this rosin a few weeks ago and I was impressed with the quality and quantity, yes it was a full gram. Smells good and burns good, my only issue is the price point. It's a little expensive but other than that, all good! Maybe the other reviewers got a bad batch I don't know.

Isn’t bad, seems like you get shorted

By M625000 from Salt Springs, NB on October 1, 2020

It doesn’t really seem like it’s an entire gram when you open it, other that that, it tastes pretty good. But doesn’t last long.

poor quality

By garbageDisposal from Bouctouche, NB on September 7, 2020

Its watery as well as no taste.