Veryvell Yawn THC Drops

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CBD : 0.9 mg/pc
THC : 406.1 mg/pc
Veryvell Yawn Drops are THC-dominant, water-soluble, virtually flavourless and colourless when added it to your favourite mug. 2 drops = ~1mg THC, and with a built in dosing cap you have the ability to control the experience you're looking for. Looking to yawn. Veryvell then.

Tastes great

By JBourne from Fredericton, NB on August 17, 2021

Tastes great to start, very intensely sweet like syrup but then followed by a bitter aftertaste. Greasy texture though.

O.M.G. Really

By Meemaw from Saint-Léonard, NB on January 14, 2021

I used half the bottle in by brownies and I was out like WHAT!!!. Best concentrate I ever purchased.

IMPRESSED and high.

By banane from Notre-Dame, NB on October 5, 2020

this product is now number one on my list. I purchased it on sale to try it. I will no longuer buy edibles as I can replace them with this for an awsome price. Its very very effective (potent, I took 3 table spoons, about 150-180 DROPS). It took about 30-45 min to hit me like a truck. Treat lightly like the reviewer below says. I will decrease intake to about 2 table spoon, 100 drops). Thanks CNB for great products !

One of the best.

By Bighoss420 from Aroostook, NB on July 1, 2020

Best “edible” out there. Drank the whole bottle and it hit me harder than any “black market” edibles have. I’d compare this to about 1000-1200mg Of black market edibles. Tread lightly.

Great product

By sjmum420 from Saint John, NB on May 30, 2020

Added to my soda, has a bitter aftertaste that doesn't last... reminded me of vodka... I think this would also depend how many drops you use in regards to the taste. I absolutely will buy this again.

Works Really Well

By Crashed from Summerville, NB on May 29, 2020

Bought these on a whim and was skeptical. However I have been using them for the past 2 weeks and they have been very effective. They wont knock you out by any means like prescription meds. They just help you drift off and stay asleep. Helps you turn your brain off so you can fall asleep much easier. Would recommend this to anyone that just needs a bit of help getting to sleep at night.

I find this product to be decent quality

By cycoslave from shediac, NB on May 17, 2020

Pretty much tasteless in a drink, on the tongue it taste the carrier oil with a small after taste of cannabis.

So far so good!

By 420hashman420 from Fredericton, NB on May 7, 2020

Tastes like glycerin and pot. The effects are kicking in after about half an hour. Much better than oil.