Deep Space THC Beverage

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CBD : <1 mg/pc
THC : 10 mg/pc
Small, potent and ready-to-go. Prepare for the bold taste of this dark, full-flavoured 10 mg THC, carbonated drink in a 222 mL sleek can.

Brio Flavour - So Cool

By Kermie9 from Moncton, NB on June 6, 2022

I love the flavour of this product - not to mention the high. To me this tastes like Brio - a unique cola flavour. This drink hit me quickly and I really enjoyed the high

Wow, j'adore

By LeProDuCannabis from Bertrand, NB on July 31, 2021

Gout très particulier, mais j'adore. Effet rapide, après 10 à 30 minutes...boom vous êtes dans le Deep Space.

Taste is interesting - effect is great

By tmar88372 from Toronto, ON on April 27, 2021

The taste for these are very unique but you cant beat the effect

abort abort abort this one taste very bad.

By LeJM_NB from lakeville, NB on January 28, 2021

man probably one of the worst taste ones taste worst then Jager even haha avoid will only give an upset stomach.

Disgusting and ineffective

By MedicinalUser from Fredericton, NB on November 12, 2020

Tastes like weed and dark corn syrup. I have a strong stomach but the smell alone makes me gag. I have a very high tolerance (usually takes me 100mg to get a good buzz, 200+ mg to really get high) so I wasn't expecting much more than a brief, slight buzz but I didn't feel anything other than queasiness after drinking this. Inexperienced users may get a bit of a buzz, maybe?


By Jen9797 from Saint John, NB on July 26, 2020

This was okay, smelt pretty weedy but mostly Dr.Pepper-ish, it is way stronger than I assumed but I did not read the percentages before reading the bottle. I would buy again, but not for taste.

Taste is OK

By 7ofseven from Richibucto Road, NB on July 16, 2020

I was expecting a worse flavour based on the reviews but it was OK. Not exceptional, but OK. This 10 mg drink definitely did the trick as compared to the 2 and 2.5 mg drinks. It is a good drink to share with someone for those with a lower tolerance like me. I will buy this again, for sure.

Taste is so terrible it clouds all other judgement

By 420420420 from Fredericton, NB on July 8, 2020

I'm extremely disappointed with this. The taste is so bad that it is difficult to drink, even when mixed with something else. The effects are not extremely apparent (could be a good/bad thing depending on what you are looking for). Effects are short lasting, but you wouldn't be able to drink multiple of these to maintain the effect. At the steep price of 9.99 a can for 10mg, I expect it to at least be drinkable, if not taste great. One positive note in comparison with the other Tweed drinks is that this one maintains carbonation for a reasonable amount of time after opening. Overall, I will not repurchase this product unless there is a formula change.

Different than the rest!

By RoyHobbs from Keswick Ridge, NB on July 6, 2020

Deep Space did exactly what it said: took me to Deep Space! I usually feel it after two of the other drinks, so this was next level for me! Can is small, so best to find something to mix it with so you don't down the whole thing too quickly. The taste is a bit different (it is more like a cola than the other drinks) and there is no cannabis taste.

Awful Taste

By Gene123 from Fredericton, NB on July 5, 2020

Effects were ok... to be expected with a 10mg product. The taste however, is absolutely awful.