MouTHy Top Puff

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Turn any screw top bottle into a bong. This compact portable bong fits virtually all screw top bottles. Simply screw the plastic cap onto a bottle and voila you have your bong.

Water Pipe to Go

By happycamper from musquash, NB on January 1, 2021

Works fine .Nice clean haul.Great on the go.

Way too slim

By Whiterice from Oromocto, NB on November 25, 2020

The person who made this didnt consider cleaning this small, slim, fragile, glass tube. If you smoke out of bongs please I urge you to MAKE YOUR OWN, find an old downstem or buy a downstem and make your own bong, or spend the $30 for a small bong that's worth the money. This is the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with.