The Senses

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Due to their unique makeup, no two Cannabis strains have the same aromas or flavours. They range from light and fruity, to earthy and skunky. The different strains possess unique compounds called terpenes that give Cannabis its aromas and flavours. Some consumers choose cannabis based on smell and taste. For more, check out our information on terpenes.

Although we may not think of chemical being a pleasing smell, in the world of Cannabis it can mean top quality product.  Chemical aromas in Cannabis include things like diesel fuel, “skunk” smell, ammonia and bubblegum.


When we picture “earth” – we picture dirt.  The earthy aromas in some strains are so much more than dirt and include everything from nuts to honey.  Aromas like pine, wood and nuts are very prominent in some strains, while some tend to be closer to spices like clove and pepper, or even chocolate.


Fruit aromas are more familiar to people than some of the other aromas. These fruit aromas can differ a great deal. Some strains will smell like strawberries, while others are more like passionfruit or lime. The terpene profile of the strain will determine which fruit aroma can be detected.


The herbal category is very different again, encompassing many of the aromas of familiar herbs. Herbal aromas in Cannabis include: coffee, lavender, mint and lemongrass.


There is an aroma category that is prevalent in Cannabis known as “ferment”. It is what it sounds like – these strains have aromas that are similar to ones produced when something is fermented (beer, wine, etc). Since Cannabis and hops (used to make beer) are genetic cousins, it isn’t unusual that some strains would possess some similar “hoppy” aromas. Also, aromas of cheese, bread and butter can be found in some strains, reminiscent of Champagne.