Side Effects

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Everyone’s experience with Cannabis is different – your history, unique biology, surroundings and settings will all dictate how you react. We recommend starting low and going slow but sometimes undesired reactions happen.

Keep reading for info on how to avoid some of the negative side effects.


Strains high in THC can sometimes give side effects like paranoia, anxiety and increased hunger. If you want to avoid these altogether, opt for a strain that’s higher in CBD.


Stay hydrated while consuming Cannabis. Being hydrated minimizes the effects like dry mouth and dry, red eyes.


Consider using a vaporizer if you’re sensitive to smoke. Vapes make it easier to regulate doses which helps in controlling the negative effects.


Try new strains in a comfortable and familiar environment.



What do you do if you have a severe reaction?

Don’t panic!

Stay as calm as you can.



Stay hydrated with caffeine-free and alcohol-free beverages.




Find a distraction

Pick one of your favourite low-key activities that will take your mind off things – watch a tv show, listen to some music, talk to your friends.


Take it easy

Find a quiet, comfortable place and take some deep breaths. If you can, have a nap or just lie down for a little while.