Keep It Fresh

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We sell top quality product and we want it to stay that way when you take it home. Here are some tips on keeping it fresh because properly stored cannabis is the best cannabis.
  • Container Size: size matters when it comes to storing CannabisJust like the famous fairy tale, you want a container that fits just right. This prevents extra air from speeding up the cannabinoid degradation process. Too small a container will just crush the product and increase the humidity – neither of which you want!  


  • Environment: a cool and dark is the way to go. You don’t need a cellar or a humidor - just a cool, dark place is fine. Make sure the temperature is consistent and keep it away from the fridge/freezer.   


  • Keep your strains separate: you don’t store blue cheese in the same container as your veggies, so why would you combine your Cannabis? Keeping them in separate storage containers will maintain the individual flavours and aromas.  


What about edibles, oils and topicals? Those are easy – follow the appropriate instructions on the package.

  • Handling: handle with care! Too much handling and you’ll lose the precious trichomes. When you bring it home, put your Cannabis in a storage container and leave it there until you’re ready to use it.