Tweed Argyle Capsules

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CBD : 2-4 mg/pc
THC : 2.5 mg/pc
Nous avons pris notre propre souche Argyle, soit une souche à dominance Indica présentant des niveaux bien équilibrés de THC et de CBD, pour fabriquer ces capsules de cannabis à enveloppe molle. Chaque capsule est faite d’huile à TCM sans OGM dérivée de la noix de coco. C’est votre première fois? Nous vous recommandons de commencer par une seule capsule à faible dose et d’attendre une journée avant d’augmenter votre consommation, s’il y a lieu. SOUVENEZ-VOUS, COMMENCEZ par de FAIBLES DOSES et augmentez TRÈS LENTEMENT lorsqu’il s’agit de consommer des capsules à enveloppe molle. Le saviez-vous? Les lettres qui forment le mot « argyle » peuvent être réarrangées pour écrire « garley ». Toutefois, « garley » n’est pas vraiment un mot, alors...
TCM (Triglycérides à chaîne moyenne)

Holiday Countdown!

Par DaveBuote de Moncton, NB le 1 décembre 2022

Well first off ill have to admit this would not be the first product I would purchase at a retail store so this is a good chance to try something new with the Holiday Countdown! I typically can eat some pretty high potency edibles 50-100 mg range and don't really feel too much. So the bottle is cute. Pretty much similar to any pill bottle you would get in a pharmacy. Cracked the Excise seal and push down on the lid to open the child proof package. Simple and and needed no further instruction. With the lid removed you reveal the tamper proof seal for the container.. Peel it back and your are in! The 15 softgels are on the smaller size.. They look very easy to swallow and have an amazing amber color. They are 100% full and contain no air and seem very high quality comparable to pharmaceuticals. There is also a small Intellisorb cylinder inside to keep them dry. Well I consider eating a handful but start with only 2. After about 30 minutes much to my surprise, I feel like im getting a little buzz. There was no taste and zero aftertaste. Sometimes I find i burp and can taste the oil in an edible, but with these even after a few hours nothing. I am a little chatty as I write this post and after a rough morning it kinda feels good! Cant say i feel the couch lock of a powerful indica but I think at 2.5mg someone with a smaller tolerance would probably be hit quite hard! At $20.00 taxes in your just a little over a dollar each. Seems expensive for the dose size but they seem to work. My overall review 8/10 Not really sure if there is much to improve here so if you looking for a small dose edible and dont like the taste of cannabis these would be a great option. Also if you are a medical user this is what legalization was all about. Super clean, top quality cannagels with ultra reliable dosing.

From $5 to $19.99

Par JesseDavid de Saint John, NB le 11 février 2021

Unbelievable expensive, great product. Was 4x15 for $20 now $19.99 for 15 pack

Excellent sleep Aid.

Par SwimFast de Noonan, NB le 13 novembre 2020

I use this daily now to help with sleeping after a stressful day. One capsule about an hour before bed and I get an excellent sleep. Tried these after a friend recommended them.