TWD Sativa

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 20-26%
Twd. Sativa est une variété offrant une teneur potentiellement très élevée en THC et une teneur minime en CBD. Tous les produits Twd sont fabriqués au Canada, et chaque plante est cultivée avec soin. Tweed est synonyme de qualité. Tout simplement.

Worst weed I ever bought

Par Jaygee63 de Moncton, NB le 1 avril 2022

Packaged 6 months ago …. Extra super dry… no buzz at all… a waste of money… I’ll never buy again

Nice Blue Dream

Par FundyFogcat de Saint John, NB le 18 juillet 2021

Very fresh, packaged in June. My 1/2 ounce ended up at 20%, smells great, nice buzz, very pleased at 80$. Hard to beat the value here.

Nice morning sativa but wish was stronger.

Par LeJM_NB de lakeville, NB le 27 janvier 2021

This one surprised me a little bit got it at 15G for 80$ which is a fantastic price. The nugs were all in alright size biggest was 1.5g overall between 0.5 - 1g. Smells & taste like beer which was interesting and smooth only complaint takes two bowls to have a minor high (which why I find it great for mornings) to function and be able to do stuff. I could see new people enjoy this sativa, good starter and veteran smokers I can see use it as a morning wake up put some peep in the step, overall not bad.

How can something be so dry but need to be relit so many times

Par Disappointed de Bathurst, NB le 8 août 2020

Dry, flakes apart with a quick squeeze of the fingers... So I was surprised to have to relight one joint 3-4 times, nice buzz at least, just doesn't last as long as some other common strains.

Really nice Sativa!

Par Megz34 de Moncton, NB le 8 août 2020

As a relatively new user, having a lot of options to choose from, I did some research and was really pleased with my decision to purchase this kind! I needed it for help with anxiety, and to keep me focused when I work. I made it into brownies, and they are plenty strong enough, even with cutting them into tiny pieces. Smoking it is nice too, and my very experienced friend was surprised at the strong effects despite only a 17.1% THC. All in all, highly recommend!

Great at first

Par RJohnson de Penobsquis, NB le 3 août 2020

This is some really good stuff for the price don't get me wrong and I've had this product multiple times but there are some shortcomings with this strain. One thing I've noticed about the particular batch that I got is how it doesn't burn well, the taste is mediocre, and in this one batch I got, any joint seems to go out really quick. It also doesn't burn well in a pipe or bong.The tokes are also very harsh. I'm leaning towards that it wasn't flushed properly when grown. There are other strains that are way too dry and burn fast, which is also not good but honestly I would rather smoke some of them than TWD Sativa. It is alright if you want quantity over middle to low quality.

The Best ti Smoke

Par Marsbar007 de Moncton, NB le 23 mai 2020

When I first opened it up, the smell was amazing. It smelled like skunk weed. After a few days, it still did. I think it is the best I have had in a long time.

Upliftingly focused

Par Memlocke de Oromocto, NB le 6 mai 2020

Who doesn't love a sale? That was my thought the first time I came across this strain. And I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much. But the fragrant lemony aroma, the punchy earthy backdrop, and the sweet aftertaste, instantly put my hesitations behind me. I'll admit to being happy mistaken. TWD has become a morning( yes morning) staple during isolation. After having my engine lit on fire the first night I tried this, the following morning I smoked before a workout. It was truly an enlightening experience. Expect an awakening of sorts, if your new to Sativa's. You'll find a heavier body buzz, with a mental focus that will encourage constant activity. Gym, housework, hikes, etc. This is the strain to do it on. Don't expect to sit and relax on this one. Will definitely use regularly.

5 stars, no doubt.

Par Whatup10 de Moncton, NB le 2 mai 2020

I bought 3,5g for 25,99$, it was a great deal. The flowers came a little bit dry but burnt really well. Sweet tasty and strong effect. I’m impressed. For sure I’m going to buy again.

Great Smell & Tasting Sativa

Par SativaMatt de Dieppe, NB le 24 novembre 2019

I was really impressed with this product! Was also at 21% THC! Will buy again.