TWD Indica - atomiseur oraux

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CBD : 0-1 mg/ml
THC : 25 mg/ml
Ce vaporisateur oral TWD présente un assortiment de variétés à dominance indica pour créer un mélange unique. Bon produit. Pas d'extras. Nos huiles sont fabriquées avec de l'extrait de cannabis et de l'huile MCT sans OGM, dérivée de la noix de coco, qui ne peut être fumée ou vaporisée.
TCM (Triglycérides à chaîne moyenne)

Wonderful oil for microdosing - takes time to take effect

Par PLA2022 de Arlington, AL le 2 juillet 2022

Provides wonderful relaxing body high. Could help sleep but also allows for z blissful night out - does not work like a vape- this oil is effective but it will need to absorb more gradually. Requires experimentation so have fun!

Not a very strong spray

Par Big_Mitch de Sackville, NB le 1 avril 2022

Simply not strong enough for a heavy cannabis users. I need minimum 20 sprays to feel satisfied by the effects. This is a huge problem for me because it means the spray will only last me 2 days. This is far too expensive. It would be nice to see theses sold in either a higher potency, or in 100ml bottles.

Might as well use water.

Par TommyJ de Dieppe, NB le 24 mars 2022

I can't recommend at all. After two dozen sprays, not a single effect whatsoever. Sit down, then stand up quickly. You'll get more of a buzz from that than this spray.

Good effect, strong taste

Par Thedude de Moncton, NB le 1 juillet 2020

The effects are good, but much stronger weed taste compared to Tweed. I’ll stick with Tweed as long as they aren’t sold out.

Awesome price

Par Martyrless de Campbellton, NB le 24 avril 2020

I use this to smoke less cannabis, I'll have 4 to 6 sprays under the tongue and I find that effective. I do find the spray pressure a little too harsh and sometimes it sprays out of my mouth.