Tweed Bakerstreet préroulé

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CBD : 0-0.01%
THC : 15-25%
Saluez les produits préroulés Bakerstreet. Nous avons utilisé les têtes denses d’un vert profond de la souche Bakerstreet THC à dominance indica pour produire ses joints préroulés. Tous nos produits préroulés sont fabriqués dans les règles de l’art en employant des fleurs fraîchement broyées, enveloppées dans du papier de grande qualité, de sorte qu’ils sont prêts à consommer dès la sortie de la boîte.
Hindu Kush

Product was fine

Par moranimal de Moncton, NB le 7 mai 2020

I am not really a big fan of prerolls in general since I find the quality of cannabis to be low. These were fin and gave a tolerable high. Has the same problem as all prerolls right now where the preroll canoes like crazy and if you aren't careful you will lose some product.

Smooth and land back!

Par washignere de petit rocher, NB le 24 avril 2020

very nice and smooth, a bit strong for beginner great on chronic pain and relaxing

Excellent pre-rolls, very effective

Par Spenny de Saint John, NB le 23 janvier 2020

These are my go-to for prerolled joints. They’re strong and consistent in quality, with an extremely earthy, almost hay-like taste. It’s packed extremely densely and is basically the platonic ideal of a joint, all in a convenient carton that comes with a fair amount of stink protection.

Great product

Par midsmoker420 de Saint John, NB le 21 octobre 2019

Was very impressed, the taste and smell were really strong but the strain tastes great so it wasn't an issue. One of the most enjoyable indica strains I've had in a while, the packaging is nice and small too without a lot of the unnecessary plastic waste that other prerolls come in.