Tweed Penelope

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CBD : 7-11%
THC : 5-10%
La souche Penelope est un hybride avec une teneur équilibrée en CBD et en THC. Les têtes sont habituellement étroites mais denses avec des pistils colorés. Le terpène pinène confère à cette souche un arôme vif de pin agrémenté de notes de clou de girofle provenant du terpène myrcène. Le saviez-vous? « Penelope » épelé à l'envers donne « Epolenep ». La connaissance est un pouvoir.
CBD Skunk Haze

Great Skunky CBD strain!

Par Longtermeffects de Upper Golden Grove, NB le 29 mai 2020

Great taste and skunky smell give this cbd strain a bit of a kick. Liked it so much I bought an ounce. Good sized nugs but a bit dry like most tweed products.

Small nugs. Dry. But good strain.

Par Anonymous de Hillsborough, NB le 9 mai 2020

A good balanced strain. Might want to re-hydrate the contents a bit before using. I enjoy this when I want to have a bigger joint that's going to burn for a while I'm outside sitting by a fire and talking with friends. If you're a seasoned consumer looking for a heavy trip, look elsewhere. If you want to be able to smoke and still be 'on earth' so you can hold a conversation with your friends this is a good choice.

Fantastic Relaxation

Par SneakyDisco de McLeod Hill, NB le 8 mai 2020

The effects of CBD really show up in this one. Your body feels good but not couch locked.

Great strain

Par Pipsqueak de Sunny Corner, NB le 4 mai 2020

No doubt the best CBD/THC strain I have tried in my life.

Good strain but dry buds

Par fragile de Moncton, NB le 18 avril 2020

Great balanced CBD-THC strain, but the Tweed containers have no freshness seal and the buds are as dry as you might expect. Pretty silly if you ask me!

CBD heavy strain that needs more credit

Par tallblazer de St Andrews, NB le 7 mars 2020

A lot of people aren't a fan of CBD heavy strains but this makes for a great overall feeling of wellbeing. For the price, I think it's ideal if you mix it with higher THC strains that have low CBD. That way you feel the effects of both more strongly and for longer (in my experience!)

Way Too Dry

Par BlakSquirl de Shediac, NB le 12 octobre 2019

I didn't like this strain, the buds are way too dry and small.