Arizer Extreme Q - Vaporisateur

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Conçu par le fabricant canadien Arizer, le vaporisateur Extreme Q est multifonctionnel, déborde de caractéristiques et domine le marché. Pour ce qui est des fonctionnalités conviviales et efficaces, peu de vaporisateurs peuvent rivaliser avec le vapo Extreme Q. Bon pour toutes les occasions, il libère des vapeurs de qualité supérieure, que ce soit le modèle à ballon (air sous pression) ou à tuyau flexible (tirage direct).


Par Goodstra de Moncton, NB le 11 février 2021

Have had mine for about 5 years. Totally LOVE it! Easy to maintain and very easy to clean! I've not used the bag system with the unit, but loaned it out and got a good response to it's performance! Arizer has my votes!

Wow! And, Wow!

Par Bikerbaker de Geary, NB le 9 février 2021

Well worth the money, saves your throat, lungs and your money by using less weed, yet giving a better high than smoking. By non combusting your weed you get more benefits from your weed, smoking destroys most of the medicinal properties of your weed, vaping only heats it up, not burn it up.. This also saves on your weed as it heats only as you draw on it (using a lot less weed $$$) the savings will pay for this unit in no time.if you've been considering purchasing, do it, you won't regret it!

Excellent Value

Par Leonard de Keswick Ridge, NB le 28 mars 2020

Purchased my first Arizer from Cannabis NB and it is absolutely the most solid desktop unit you can get for the money. The bag feature and remote seem like silly things at first but I ended up using both quite a lot. Quite efficient, my only knock on the Arizer is that the flavor really tails off fast, though it hits really hard right to the end of the bud. I suggest looking into Mike Mod.