Van der Pop Cloudburst

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CBD : <0.1%
THC : 15-25%
Van der Pop’s Cloudburst is a potent hybrid varietal featuring high THC content and minimal CBD. It’s known for its elevated THC percentages. This strain’s aromas are particularly earthy with some notes of cheese & wood.
UK Cheese

Great for brownies!!

By Megz34 from Moncton, NB on April 14, 2021

I really enjoyed the effects of this hybrid, and found the effects kicked in sooner than the usual sativa I'd used in my brownies. I did find it a bit dry for smoking, but really - worth the price regardless! (paid $45 for 7g)

Old and dry

By Puffdragon from Moncton, NB on March 30, 2021

Please don't waste your money. Pkg in 2019, no humidity pkg and crumbled in my hand soooooo dry. Most of their strains are dry , but this one was extremely dry

van der pop

By smoker123 from Riverview, NB on February 20, 2021

I agree, it does not burn well and not the best . I would not buy again

Van der BUST!

By RyanTheCanadian from Moncton, NB on December 23, 2020

The cannabis has great shelf appeal, good price nice THC percentage. But that is where this cannabis' positives end. I think Van der pop may be drying their weed in the Sahara, because not even a hydration pack could revive this zombie weed. The high you get after smoking the entire 3.5 is nice, calm and productive. I think this would be a really good strain if it weren't for the faults of the manufacturer.

Great in a water pipe

By Jerbis from Bathurst, NB on December 11, 2020

7 grams for 45 bucks is a no brainer. Smoke it in a water pipe and you wont see any issues. Great buzz for cheap weed.

Worst burn ever

By Ranyb12 from Saint John, NB on November 21, 2020

Will not stay lit. Burns black. Not an enjoyable smoke. Don't waste your money.

Agree with DarkCanuk

By ql1971 from Moncton, NB on November 3, 2020

Same lot number. Bought a quarter last week for 44.99. After using humid pack it gained some terps and you get a better high. Still dry as hell and there's no excuse. I like the high. It lasts long. I concentrate on playing guitar and will play for over an hour straight. No hint of paranoia, and in fact gives the opposite effect: a positive feeling about life and the future. This strain has the right effects for medicinal use if it were grown/dried/cured and shipped right. Looking forward to trying it again; hope they keep the strain.

At least I have a Hoodie I'll never wear.

By DarkCanuk506 from Edmundston, NB on October 9, 2020

(Lot #UKH90884E0 / Packaged on 11/26/2019 / 16.5% THC) The bag appeal is okay until you actually open the package. There were some nice sized buds and they were trimmed properly. That's about all the positives I have to say about this product. The cannabis was bone dry. Even a humidity pack wasn't able to bring it back. Like many of this company's products, they over-cured it to mask deficiencies. Because this cannabis was so dry I wasn't able to make out any of the terpenes, or even the faintest smell of cannabis. It literally smells just like the container it came in. The taste test confirmed that the terpenes and flavonoids are gone. The effects are very weak and don't last long. Barely noticeable regardless of how much you consume. I've had other strains that had less THC and they seemed to still offer some type of effect. The ash test revealed a black and hard ash. This product was very poorly flushed, and honestly, the government should be looking into their operations. It was such a harsh smoke and the fact that my joints constantly went out on their own (even with how dry the cannabis is) compounds how disappointed I am with this product. Shame! I won't even suggest a decent price point for this product. It simply shouldn't be on the market. I'm not satisfied with this product, at all.