OMY Kush Cookies

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CBD : 0-1%
THC : 23-28%
This indica tantalizes the nose with a subtle citrus and woody aroma. The flavour is a robust combination of spice, earth and diesel. Hang dried and expertly cured to maximize smell, taste and potency. Strain: Garlic Cookies x OZ Kush
Kush Cookies

OOOMYyyy!!Great for rosin

By Teedle from Moncton, NB on May 14, 2021

Got the 28 g container was 26.4% put 3 grams in my rosin press and got 1g of almost white rosin, terp profile is strong earthy very happy with this one! Wasnt to dry really tight nugs.

your average bud.

By PogeyKing from Campbellton, NB on March 19, 2021

Its your average indica, does not have much smell to it, when busted up you get hints of it but nothing outstanding. Buds are super dry and the taste is alright, nothing really special. Very average.

One of the best

By PetrolMan from Fredericton, NB on March 17, 2021

This is some gas. A few bong rips and you’re faded. Smells like roadkill and it’s super sticky. I love it⛽️

Definitely worth a try

By Marthadog from Newmaryland, NB on March 10, 2021

Awesome 👌..tasty ..gets ya super baked bud density was on point ..not overly dry just perfect a little happy at 160 vs 180 for oz but it is good for a treat..

Couldn’t be any dryer

By Frosty from Moncton, NB on March 1, 2021

Got a container of the dry St. bud imaginable and for the price, what a joke.

Excellet smoke

By kather from Acadie Siding, NB on February 28, 2021

really great high, nice taste, a little too dry, but best high yet. New favorite.

Beautiful, strong and tasty

By Chrispy from Charters Settlement, NB on February 27, 2021

Some very nice looking buds, strong enough to make a veteran smoker forget to take another hit. Would recommend for a higher quality smoke

Hard to Please Vaper

By ReservoirDog from Riverview, NB on February 15, 2021

This weed will get you high . . . really, really high. But you won't know by how much until five minutes after smoking it :) And the smell is every bit as potent as the buds. I'd advise you to crack a window or go outside to smoke it lol

Strong effects

By Whatup10 from Moncton, NB on February 14, 2021

What a punch! Great indica and strong buzz. For sure it worth 44$-3,5g. It came with 25,3% THC.