Mtl Cannabis Sage N' Sour

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CBD : 0-2%
THC : 23-28%
Sage N’ Sour is a Sativa-dominant cross between the pungent Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E. This strain takes its famous Sour Diesel lineage to the next level with a citric bouquet of aromas. Sage N’ Sour has over 1% CBG and its dominant terpene is Terpinolene, typically found in true Sativas and lilac, nutmeg and cumin. Mtl Cannabis presents a hand-trimmed Sativa-dominant hybrid that unpacks a citrus and diesel bouquet of aromas.
Sage n Sour

Homerun Sativa

By RyanTheCanadian from Moncton, NB on November 9, 2021

Package Date June 2021 This is a Terp Chasers dream, beautiful large buds. my entire package was 3 buds, and the smell and flavour on the vaporizer is amazing! The effects are quick and are that of a giggly sativa. Definitely would recommend!

Not the best not the worst

By AnnaBanana from Barnesville, NB on March 5, 2021

Claims to have high THC, decided to take this strand for a test run. The high doesn't last long, buds were pretty dried out and went to dust in the grinder. If you wanted higher thc potency seek another strand, as the cost isn't worth it personally.

Top Quality Bud

By craftcannalover from Shediac, NB on February 23, 2021

Frosty as a mother!

Doesn't fully live up to the hype

By Starlord from Moncton, NB on January 4, 2021

I purchased this sativa because of all the great reviews (which unfortunately gave me high expectations). Mine came in at 23.5% and was pretty dried out. Taste was fine. The affects I personally felt was slightly uplifting, but nothing euphoric or make you keel over laughing. I gave this 3 stars due to the dryness of the bud, the price and the "just okay" affects I got from it.

Wickedly fucking awesome!

By Stoneridger from Zealand, NB on January 1, 2021

Wickedly awesome pretty much sums this up. obviously sage n sour is an amazing strain. easily the best weed ive bought anywhere in fredericton in 10 years. better than top leaf, namaste or anything else priced over $50. heavy on the sativa side, yet still potent enough to help me sleep. because it hit every point for me price, quality and flavor its 5 stars.

Wickedly Awesome

By BlakSquirl from Shediac, NB on December 7, 2020

This is a awesome sativa strain, I vape dried herb and the flavour profile is wickedly awesome... And it's the high of highs. You will not be disappointed, buds a big and sticky. ✌💗🎶

Taste taste burn taste taste burn and repeat

By Countrybumpkin from Rexton, NB on December 5, 2020

So happy with this. Great high, super taste, nice to see a different company making this taste and strain. Will for sure buy again.

This is great weed

By Reeferman44 from Rothesay, NB on November 27, 2020

For a 25 year weed smoker and someone with a high tolerance I had to make an account just for this and a couple others. The 3.5 I got was at 25% THC moist&sticky fresh beautiful big buds. Just one good pipe rip and I was nice and high. Great sativa. Great service as usual !!!