Mtl Cannabis Sage N' Sour

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CBD : 0-2%
THC : 21-28%
Sage N’ Sour is a Sativa-dominant cross between the pungent Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E. This strain takes its famous Sour Diesel lineage to the next level with a citric bouquet of aromas. Sage N’ Sour has over 1% CBG and its dominant terpene is Terpinolene, typically found in true Sativas and lilac, nutmeg and cumin. Mtl Cannabis presents a hand-trimmed Sativa-dominant hybrid that unpacks a citrus and diesel bouquet of aromas.
Sage n Sour

Doesn't fully live up to the hype

By Starlord from Moncton, NB on January 4, 2021

I purchased this sativa because of all the great reviews (which unfortunately gave me high expectations). Mine came in at 23.5% and was pretty dried out. Taste was fine. The affects I personally felt was slightly uplifting, but nothing euphoric or make you keel over laughing. I gave this 3 stars due to the dryness of the bud, the price and the "just okay" affects I got from it.

Wickedly fucking awesome!

By Stoneridger from Zealand, NB on January 1, 2021

Wickedly awesome pretty much sums this up. obviously sage n sour is an amazing strain. easily the best weed ive bought anywhere in fredericton in 10 years. better than top leaf, namaste or anything else priced over $50. heavy on the sativa side, yet still potent enough to help me sleep. because it hit every point for me price, quality and flavor its 5 stars.

Wickedly Awesome

By BlakSquirl from Shediac, NB on December 7, 2020

This is a awesome sativa strain, I vape dried herb and the flavour profile is wickedly awesome... And it's the high of highs. You will not be disappointed, buds a big and sticky. ✌💗🎶

Taste taste burn taste taste burn and repeat

By Countrybumpkin from Rexton, NB on December 5, 2020

So happy with this. Great high, super taste, nice to see a different company making this taste and strain. Will for sure buy again.

This is great weed

By Reeferman44 from Rothesay, NB on November 27, 2020

For a 25 year weed smoker and someone with a high tolerance I had to make an account just for this and a couple others. The 3.5 I got was at 25% THC moist&sticky fresh beautiful big buds. Just one good pipe rip and I was nice and high. Great sativa. Great service as usual !!!