JWC Northern Kush GE Kief

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CBD : 0-0.1%
THC : 34-40%
Northern Kush GE Kief delivers a noticeably hoppy and woody pine-like aroma. The earthy undertones and classic diesel essence provide a classic pungent flavour. A high-THC strain, Northern Kush GE’s lush green buds boast silvery-white trichomes among a sparse spread of orange pistils. A single-origin extract product, these sugar-like crystals are known for their fulsome terpene profile, potency, and versatility. Carefully made using freshly harvested cannabis material, this product is recognized as one of the truest representations of the cannabis strain.

Wow! Pretty good

By Ceebash from Moncton, NB on February 24, 2021

Was skeptical when looking at this product, considering im not a big fan of hybrids, got this one at 38.2% Packaged 2020-09-28 the kief is a bit moist but nicely manageable when it comes to mixing it in with your doobs, adds a very nice flavor and bing to your joints, now when it comes to sprinkling it over ashes in a pipe look out! If you hit it hard it's gona kick you hard! More than likely will buy this one again.