Top Leaf Vessel Battery Wood Edition

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Designed for people who know; built by people who care. The craftsmanship and performance of your Top Leaf Vessel is obvious from the moment you pick it up.

It was okay until

By MariaL from Riverview, NB on July 3, 2021

The battery worked great for a couple months, really loved it. However, there were always struggles with getting mine to heat up properly after a while, and my friend who had the same one did not have that issue, and I was taking better care of mine. After about 3 months it stopped working almost entirely. I had the warranty, I reached out to the company that made it, they asked me for my email, and then ghosted me. It's been almost two weeks and not a word from them even though I keep trying to reach out. They may be working on it but idk because they never said they were. They responded almost immediately the first time when they just asked for my email. Really disappointed. I spent $130 on this thing and it was not worth it and I never got my money back or any kind of solution.

Très bonne achat

By Alb8406 from Allainville, NB on October 21, 2020

Très satisfait de ma vape la batterie dur asser longtemps