Pax Era

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Experience the best pen-and-pod system experience with the revolutionary PAX Era. Customize your settings using the PAX Mobile App then simply inhale on the device to start your session. Era will heat to your selected temperature ensuring the same experience from puff to puff for the entire cartridge. PAX Era Pods sold seperately.

Works great

By RobRoy from Hanwell, NB on July 9, 2021

New to oil vape and by far the best experience I had with cannabis yet! Clean quick and convenient it was a great purchase in my books.

Pax Era Battery

By Trigger from Keswick Ridge, NB on July 7, 2021

The battery has some real cool features but doesn’t last as long as my 510 battery of the same cost. It does last as longer than my cheaper 510 battery. With the app it has some cool things but doesn’t really do anything to enhance the actual taste or performance of the battery. The 510 is still in my opinion is still a better way to go. There is many more options with 510 like the ability to get refillable cartridges or pods as Pax calls them. For the occasional user this is a good clean working unit with many options that are neat. The price of the battery is more than it should be and so are the Pods.

Very Impressed!

By Michelle420 from Lincoln, NB on May 30, 2020

I've been only using vaping devices (a few 510 devices) for the past 4 months in attempt to move away from smoking, and the PAX Era is the first device to seem worth the price! The battery life is at least 2X that of the 510 devices, and the cartridges appear to last far longer with a quality high (even for someone with high tolerance). You are able to adjust temp, check battery life, and see how many draws you've taken per session by tapping/shaking the device. HIGHly recommend!

Best oil Vape yet

By Peternic from Sackville, NB on March 6, 2020

The era is the best vaping device I have used. I've used a variety of 510 devices and without a doubt the era a much better option. Pods are pricey but the era is very efficient and last longer than expected. I recommend it highly

Clean Nice tech

By Roderick from Codys, NB on February 13, 2020

Love my Pax2 so thought I would give this ERA a try. The device is very discreet, great for travel and has a solid phone app ( Feb 2020 droid works but issues with iOS in Canada);. You can set temp of the coil and size of each session (amount you get from each draw) from micro to large. Device is activated when you draw air through it. It doesn't get hot since it is only on for a few seconds at a time. Only con is there are only two pods available right now in Canada (Feb 2020) but those two I find cover my needs and more pod selections sre coming. In my opinion a way better product than the one time use options.